Draft Album Cover

Neighbours Band in Canada has been kept at home during the pandemic, like everyone. With dramatically less live venues, there is a silver lining – we have been given the time and energy to songwriting. What has resulted is over 20 original songs. Each one is a story. In winter 2023, we’ve been recording. To help focus on the story in each song, we’ve been creating lyric videos. We’ve started pre-releasing some of our developing songs and videos. All this is working towards a planned fall 2023 release of a double album.

The Draft Album Cover combines several concepts: 23 stories in 23 songs; it’s the Year 2023; and Neighbours Band members have been playing together 23 years as of fall 2023.

We’re pre-releasing song videos in four groups: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall 2023. Please follow us on this blog, or through our Youtube Channel or Facebook.

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