About the Neighbours Band

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Neighbours should be friendly, civilized, and live next door. Neighbours Band is just that –  four talented musicians living side by side on Vancouver Island, Canada. Playing rock, country and blues cover tunes for coming up to 23 years, they are now working on a double album – 23 Stories – with pre-releases over winter/spring/summer and a scheduled full release in fall 2023.

Our People

Mick Gibbs

Guitar / Harp / Vocals / Songwriter

Mick brings his exceptional vocal and harmony skills, with a pitch perfect ear. He is a prolific songwriter. Whether acoustic or metal, he plays any rock / country / blues with friendly energy.

John Little

Bass / Mandolin / Guitar / Vocals

John's music education at what is now Vancouver Island University built on his piano training and natural gift. He is an exceptional multi-instrumentalist and vocal harmonist.

David Reid

Keyboards / Vocals / Songwriter

Starting with classical piano training, David has been playing in rock bands or singles piano/vocal settings for over 50 years. Now a nascent songwriter, he is learning keytar and guitar.

Jaime Skipper

Percussion / Vocals

With drum lessons from a young age, Jaime plays both electronic and acoustic drums as the rhythm section of Neighbours. He has the sensitivity and skill to find the right percussion feel for every song.

Why Us?

Adaptable Performances

Neighbours Band has flexible equipment and talent to scale their performances from duo (Blunder Brothers) to trio, to full dance band.

>20 Years of Harmony

Tight vocal harmonies and instrumental skill have been honed by playing happily together for over 20 years.

Songwriting and Collaboration

We are actively searching for professional performers and producers that would license our original songs and take them to the world.