Neighbours Band Spring Collection Part I

Coming up to Earth Day, this playlist  at https://vimeo.com/showcase/10344071 shows three lyric videos designed for easy listening/viewing of all three in series. No ads. The songs, by W. Mick Gibbs and NeighboursBand.ca,  hope to contribute to understanding and action on today’s earth issues.


CONTROL written by W. Mick Gibbs is the third of three NeighboursBand.ca lyric video pre-releases leading up to Earth Day. Is Mother Nature out of control? Or is it us? She will adapt quickly based on physics and biology. Can we adapt fast enough?  Mother Nature will survive. Will we?


TREES is a love story for Canada’s forest ecosystems, and the trees in them and trees everywhere. TREES is the second NeighboursBand.ca pre-release towards Earth Day. This is for the future and Sadie, one of the NeighboursBand.ca daughters, written by her father W. Mick Gibbs.

Climate Change

It’s coming up to another Earth Day, and NeighboursBand.ca is featuring three songs that comment on our relationship with nature.  CLIMATE CHANGE explores the confusion between climate change awareness and prompt action.